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USA Distributor of Galaxis wireless firing system

USA Distributor of Galaxis wireless firing system

USA Distributor of Galaxis wireless firing systemUSA Distributor of Galaxis wireless firing system


Aardvark FX

Founded in 2006 and the sole UK dealer and distributor of the German built Galaxis wireless firing system.

Specialists in Pyrotechnics, TV Special Effects, Events, Bespoke Design and Engineering projects. From Firework displays, stage pyrotechnics, special effects including flames, fire, explosives, atmospheric effects - and much more. 

Vulcan Display Fireworks

With over 40 years of experience in fireworks from China, the Vulcan brand is famous for its premium quality and performance. 

Vulcan began manufacturing display fireworks in 1992, and has competed in many prestigious international fireworks competitions such as World Fireworks Championship in Oman in 2010 (2nd Place), International Fireworks Competition in Hannover in 2009 (1st Place) and 2010 (2nd Place), L'International des Feux Loto-Quebec in Montreal in 2013 and 2015 (3rd Place) - using Galaxis wireless firing system. 

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Authorised distributor of Galaxis wireless firing systems in the USA. We aim to provide our customers with professional and knowledgable advice. 

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Reasonably priced rental of Galaxis firing systems for customers in USA. PFC Controller, PFE Advance and G-Flames are available for rent.

After-Sales Service


With 15 years of experience in Galaxis, we offer the best after sales service for our customers, including technical help, training, software updates and service of Galaxis firing systems in the USA. 

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